Chats with Cindy

Chats with Cindy

Monday, June 15, 2015

Back in Michigan

Better Together.

I have been back on this side of the pond now for a week. In some ways it feels as if I never left West Michigan; jumping back into routine and activities has kept me quite busy since arriving back on North American soil.
In other ways, time has stood still this past week.

There is much to process about this recent trip. I want to take my time. I want to put what I experienced into proper perspective. 

I will be posting more pictures and stories over the next few weeks on my blog. Interent on the compound did not allow me to get on my blog often, and downloading/uploading pictures was a no-no. 

If you are a 'friend' of mine of Facebook, you will have seen many pictures. James had the insight to purchase a Smart phone for me while in Ghana that I was able to use at G*lmi. It was a lifeline! I was able to receive and send text messages, and emails (occasionally). The things we take for granted!

During my first week into this trip, I received news that James and I will become grandparents towards the end of October/beginning of November. 
Exciting times ahead :). 
This past Friday we received a picture (via ultrasound) of our new little grandbaby. We also know the gender of this precious little one, but until mommy says it is ok to announce, this Gigi is keeping her silence, which is very hard...but, so far so good.
But...I can share the ultrasound picture...
      Is that not the cutest little face you have ever seen? and look at that tummy! This Gigi is just a bit partial, and so very proud :). 
I have had friends tell me that there is nothing like being a Grandma/Gigi. I knew it would be special, but this is just blowing me out of the water! 
I just want to tell everybody :).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dancing with a Namijan Kanama (Husband of the Scorpion)

I enjoy a good dance. I love to get up at a wedding, or any celebration and dance!
I love my number one dance partner - James, and I miss him.
 Especially this morning.

This morning I had a new dance partner, and I didn't enjoy the dance at all.

It started out in the shower.
I actually was humming a good little tune, had the hair lathered with plenty of sudsy shampoo, and I thought that I caught something move by my feet, something big and hairy.
You know that moment when your heart stops...

'No', I thought 'it can't be'.

I don't see that well without my glasses now a days.
'It is your imagination'.

As the suds started to drip down into my eyes, there it was again.
Big, brown and hairy, just daring me to move.

That's when the dance began.
He came scurrying fast toward me...
I started jumping up and down, trying not to scream, (the gardener was just outside looking after the watering of the garden).
I am trying to wipe the suds out of my eyes, trying to jump, move, scurry out of the way as this spider keeps sliding down the sides of the tub...I don't know who was more afraid at that moment.
Then all of a sudden he was gone.
Disappeared into the shower curtain.

I quickly get out of the tub, keeping an eye on the shower curtain.

Once I get brave enough to reach for the shower curtain I shake it furiously hoping that it will fall out, and (now that I have shoes on) will DIE!!!!


Not a hairy leg in sight.

I know it was there...I do...

So, I am now on the lookout.

I have already killed one of these suckers in my bedroom the first week I was here. This must be a family relative out for revenge.

I want my original dance partner back...


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