Chats with Cindy

Chats with Cindy

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Niger has been in the news for the past couple of days.
Click here  for  the BBC News webpage. Click on Africa.
Prayers for friends, colleagues and calm to reign are appreciated.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The 'Mirror' you

Earlier this week my inbox had a notification that a new blog post was waiting to be read over at A Holy Experience. Ann shares from her heart, and I appreciate her honesty. This post really caught my attention.
If the real you bumped into the Mirror of you today-
Would the real you like the mirror you?
Would you feel understood-
                          Or undervalued?
Would you feel special-
                           Or especially criticized?
Would you feel deeply heard-
                            Or slightly heard?
Would your presence be a gift-
                             Or a grief?
Would real you want more time with mirror you-
                             Or less time?
Would real you want to be like mirror you-
                              Or not?
                    Because the thing is-
The real you meets the mirror you
Every morning first thing
What if you decided first thing
          To be kind
The kind of person you'd love to face?

Also, another blog that I've started following,: Jen Hatmaker had a very good post ' The Thing About Being More Awesome'. Many of you might have seen her on HGTV's new show, My Big Family Renovation. She has been a regular speaker with Women of Faith., and is also very good.

Another great article that was waiting in my inbox was from Today's Christian Woman: Why Women Need Their Girlfriends I have been blessed with some great girlfriends, and am very thankful for all of them .

I hope you enjoy perusing these articles as much as I did this week.


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