Chats with Cindy

Chats with Cindy

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dancing with a Namijan Kanama (Husband of the Scorpion)

I enjoy a good dance. I love to get up at a wedding, or any celebration and dance!
I love my number one dance partner - James, and I miss him.
 Especially this morning.

This morning I had a new dance partner, and I didn't enjoy the dance at all.

It started out in the shower.
I actually was humming a good little tune, had the hair lathered with plenty of sudsy shampoo, and I thought that I caught something move by my feet, something big and hairy.
You know that moment when your heart stops...

'No', I thought 'it can't be'.

I don't see that well without my glasses now a days.
'It is your imagination'.

As the suds started to drip down into my eyes, there it was again.
Big, brown and hairy, just daring me to move.

That's when the dance began.
He came scurrying fast toward me...
I started jumping up and down, trying not to scream, (the gardener was just outside looking after the watering of the garden).
I am trying to wipe the suds out of my eyes, trying to jump, move, scurry out of the way as this spider keeps sliding down the sides of the tub...I don't know who was more afraid at that moment.
Then all of a sudden he was gone.
Disappeared into the shower curtain.

I quickly get out of the tub, keeping an eye on the shower curtain.

Once I get brave enough to reach for the shower curtain I shake it furiously hoping that it will fall out, and (now that I have shoes on) will DIE!!!!


Not a hairy leg in sight.

I know it was there...I do...

So, I am now on the lookout.

I have already killed one of these suckers in my bedroom the first week I was here. This must be a family relative out for revenge.

I want my original dance partner back...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back in Galmi Niger

2 weeks ago I landed back in very familiar territory.


It was great to fly SIMair from Niamey to the tiny dirt air strip that lines the back end of the Galmi Missionary compound, and not have to take the bus. I was able to sit in the co-pilots seat, and had a good conversation with the pilot. Many good memories were shared back and forth. it made the 90 minute flight 'fly' by!

Many familiar, and new faces greeted me as I stepped out of the plane.
Many hugs and tears followed.
A Welcome Back Auntie Cindy sign was hung on the gate.
I surprised myself at the range of emotion that I felt being back in Galmi.

The next few hours were a whirlwind of activity.

A Meet and Greet at the hospital that was to take 30 minutes ended up well over 90.Many, many hugs, surprised faces, and squeals as I walked through each department. As I greeted the hospital employees, they kept looking over my shoulder to see where mai gida (James) was. They so wanted to see him. I explained that he was coming, but not for awhile. He will be just as warmly greeted, especially in the lab. When I went into the lab, Tshoho Ibrihim and I did a little dance together, and much laughter followed.

Meals with missionary friends, and visits in our old house filled the rest of the week.

It felt comfortable.

Walking into the Galmi Day School brought many, many memories flooding back.
I was nervous.
Though I knew some of the MKs (Missionary Kids), many were new.
...and a new teacher.
Auntie Janet has done a great job!
I will not try to fill her shoes, my shoes are a different size.

As I glanced around the classroom, I saw a few of my fingerprints. A mug that held very special memories for me still sat on the desk, my painted hand print on the wall, a poster that I had painted. Each of these brought a smile and a few tears.

As the children came in from break, I was enthusiastically greeted! That felt good, and I once again felt at home at Galmi Day School.

The next few days were days filled with getting to know the new kids, the curriculum that I will be  using, and Auntie Sam and Uncle James. Auntie Sam is from Australia and works with the K/Gr 1 students, and Uncle James is a TA. What a surprise, and an answer to prayer! I had received no word that there would be another teacher, and was feeling a little overwhelmed. Uncle James (Knight) is an MK from Niger, in fact I taught his younger brother Ben at Sahel Academy in 2004/05. I think we will all get along just fine :)

This week will be  Easter Break.

I will be in the classroom all week getting things ready for the next term.
Computers have been introduced to Galmi Day School!
Ipads also!
This is all new to me, as we had none when I was here.
The best thing...Air Conditioning!
I am looking forward to that added blessing :)

Currently on the compound there are 25 children (not all school age!), and 25+ adults. I have never been to Galmi with such a 'crowd'. There is always some type of activity going on. It is a very busy place.

Many things have changed on the compound. New construction at the hospital, means new housing for missionaries.
Many new faces.

What hasn't changed are the smiles of my African friends.
Still beautiful.
Each evening brings another visitor, and many stories to be heard.
My fridge is full of 'gifts' of food.

I don't think I will be able to post pictures to this blog while I am here.
That hasn't Interent.
When I return home, there will be a full slide show.

I thank you for your prayers.
They are felt.
He is Good.
He is Faithful.
He is Sovereign.



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